Not Psychopaths

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20alim
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Backstory: A dude named Thawn is hyper observant so he notices ever small detail. He calls in tips and he tipped off who the criminal was from the way he was talking and then the police called him up and accused him of being a partner with a criminal because the actual criminal's partner got away. No one believes him when he says he is hyper observant so he ends up saying he is a Psychic. The police say if he is lying, he will get arrested so he keeps the secret and ends up being a police consultant.

Scene 1
Setting: Inside Not Psychopaths Office near the beach.
[Enter Thawn stage right and sit in Thawn Chair]
Thawn: Hey Dust, I just talked to Julieta, we got a new case!
[Enter Dust stage left and stand]
Dust: Well, finally. We need to pay this months rent!
Thawn (whining): Do we have to pay the rent?
Dust: Yes Thawn! We need to keep this place going!
Thawn: Fine.
Dust: So, whats this case about?
Thawn: I’ll explain on the way.
[Enter Happy stage right]
Happy: Hey guys, new case?
Thawn: Yes dad. Want to come?
Happy: No.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside Dust’s Car.
[Thawn, Dust, and Happy already in car]
Dust: Okay, so tell me what this case is about.
Thawn: So apparently this case is about a man who was killed by poison. I don’t really have much more information about the case.
Happy: Wow.
Happy: That sounds pretty interesting.
Dust: Ok, lets get to Julieta at the Police Department.

Scene 2
Setting: Inside Police Department.
[Enter Thawn and Dust enter back stage middle]
[Enter Julieta front stage middle]
Thawn: Hey Julieta.
Julieta: Hey Thawn.
Thawn: So whats up with the case?
Julieta: So a man named Manina was poisoned with a super rare poison called “The Poison!”.
Dust: Wow!
Dust: I have heard of this poison. Its very rare and extremely hard to make. Its not your top of the counter type of drug!
Thawn: Jesus. Lets get to the crime scene.

Scene 3
Setting: Outside Crime Scene
[Enter Thawn, Dust, & Julieta stage mid]
Julieta: So its right here.
Thawn: Okay.
Dust: So I looked up this poison and its super rare and even 1 drop can kill you. It has no cure either. It kills you within 10 seconds of consumption. Its really dangerous.
Thawn, and Julieta: Wow!
Dust: You can’t even be prescribed to this.
Thawn: Well, then how do you get it.
Dust: You have to find it or grow it or find someone who sells it.
Julieta: This is sounding more and more like murder to me.

Scene 4
Setting: Crime Scene
[Enter Thawn, Dust, & Julieta, at door]
Julieta: Here is where the body was laying at the time of death.
Thawn: This is interesting.
Julieta: How so?
Thawn: Wait, I’m getting something.
Dust: What is it?
Thawn: Oh! I’m getting a psychic vision!
Thawn points to drawer and walks dramatically toward it. Opens it and pulls out suicide note.
Julieta: Wow. Whats this?
Thawn: A suicide note. This was suicide, not murder!

Developers Logs:
Developer’s Log #1
3/14/15, 5:59 PM, Home
I did not have any problems. It took me a few minutes more than I expected, but it was okay.

Developer’s Log #2
3/15/15, 6:02 PM, Home
I didn’t have any problems on the steps 10-13. They were actually simpler than I imagined and I was able to complete them faster.

Developer’s Log #3
3/16/15, 6:01 PM, Home
I didn’t have any problems other than the time I estimated was a bit too short. However it wasn’t really a big problem.