Novel: "Everybody Ge'ts Tired" Chapters 1-5

Oct 1, 2012
by: krystalm

Hey so i’ve been reading this Novel called “Everybody Gets Tired” written by a woman of wisdom by the name of Yvonne Bridges. The first thing i thought about the book when seeing the title was “I can most likely relate”, sheesh who can’t.. the title itself anyone can pretty much relate to. So I’m only 5 chapters into the book and so far i’ve given my all to give this book a heart to heart moment as far as her lifestyle and the way things work and change for her. What I like most about the book itself is the fact she put in her all to even have written the novel basing it all upon her life, which is my dream to also be able to do and share for the world to see.

The first 2 chapters she expressed her way of living such as, living in North Philadelphia and not only is that the shakiest part but she lives in the project are of it all called “Richard Allen Project” also know as “The Island” because according to her there was no telling if you coming out after going in. The description she gave of her area was: “It was depressing and I had to ask myself “Is this what I want for the rest of my life?’ Although the heart pervaded Philadelphia like a mid-west forest fire, it always seemed hotter in the projects. It was apparent that the heat hindered in the residents of Richard Allen from getting a good night sleep; some of these bodies appeared not to have any rest at all. Children were everywhere. People were everywhere. As I looked amongst the people’s faces, I wondered whether it was the heat that kept them up or the drugs possessing their bodies. Richard Allen was drug infested and it was a central distribution location for drugs in the city. Junkies from all parts of our ‘Island’. The junkies would provide us with delightful entertainment throughout the day. We would take up ringside seats on steps situated in front of trash dumpster and a large strip of abandoned and inoperable cars.”
Her ways of saying things just had me laughing because come to the bronx and you’ll all of the above and much more.

Within the next 3 chapters i’ve read already she speaks more detailed and tells a story about her & her three friends she’s grew up with and in the living conditions they had to deal with but yet they still was known as the three musketeers of the projects the fought and beat whoever they fought up always. As the day by day life continued they made a bond to become blood sisters and actually cut each index finger and connect their fingers with their blood dripping and this was to symbolize being blood sisters, one of the girls named Kinda came up with this idea because that same morning she had seen a movie that did that. As time went on they had all gotten a summer camp job and the first few days got into an altercation on the job with another female worker and they had jumped her at the workplace. Their boss (name Tay) She called them all to her office and said wisely “what happened?” they smirked and gave no response. Then as seconds went by Lala said “Are we fired? ... Or what’s the deal ?” Tay then says “Do you think you should be fired ?” Lala response “Well.... no. We were doing what we had to do.” Tay: “What you had to do is act like a lady and show these campers respect! you are getting paid to do a job and I’m sure you could have displayed your displeasure in another form. I will not be firing you, but you will understand the ground rules while you are employed here and maybe, just maybe, I can point you ladies into the right direction with a little sisterly advice for extra measure.” The girls were surprised to have hearing this instead of being fired, but they accepted every piece of it and then tried to question what they wanted in life and for their futures, then the realized they wouldn’t be be together for ever that being “blood” sisters can take them but so far.
They all had dreams of their own and all because of Tay caring for their well being and making it her goal to turn these young girls into young ladies. She gave them her all and they began to love her like one of them “blood sister” just without the blood. Then it came to an ending the summer job was ending and it was now time to depart from Tay, the girls act as if they were ok with it, but all down inside it was going to be a break down. They each brought her a gift, and later that day she caught up with them and said she was taking them out to diner and at dinner they talked, laughed and even cried a little. But it was getting late and she had took out her gift for them all, she gave them each a 14 carat gold chain with stars on it, reminding them to reach for the moon and if you don’t make it to the moon at least you’ll be up there with the stars.

So time fly’s and both Lala and Ness had falling in love with, one popular guy in school and the other one is the most popular in their neighborhood.Their time all together as friends/sisters began to slip away and when they did get together they would promise each other they will begin to hang out more often again. As for Kinda she just felt no need to be with someone in a relationship, she played with guys minds and pretty much was the playa of the bunch. Ness and her man Gary was getting use to one another to the point where Gary began to hurt Ness physically and emotionally but she stuck around anyway having hope and belief that things will get back to how they started but never stood hit. Lala went to hell and back with her man Jake, he was the sweetest guy around, and became the most fake gangsta (I say fake.) Jake got into the drug business and immediately following the whoremonger business. Yes Lala was his main woman but he screwed everything that had a crack between its legs. He had no shame in his game either.The two of them took a lot from their men but for some reason Kinda and Ness couldn’t understand why Lala was willing to take more. Ness said she didn’t like seeing her girl made a fool of, but her situation wasn’t any better behind it all she was Gary’s punching bag. They put up with it all under the guise of ‘I’m in love.