Novel: "Everybody Ge'ts Tired" Chapters 6-10

Oct 4, 2012
by: krystalm

Chapters 6 to 10 Of “Everybody Get’s Tired” by Yvonne Bridges might leave a reader feeling anxious to know what comes next, because the way the story is played out as you read along the lines, and how everything is expressed as to leaving you wanting to know what is to come about after this and after that happened. An example of why is on page < 44-62 and 68-80 >. “Who’s Kinda? ... Kinda was never lost of words respond, “Who’s asking?”... we were patiently waiting for a response or next move from the woman. Apparently she knew exactly who she was looking for because no one knew where we would be be having our celebration meal. She had to be trailing Kina for quite some time.

“Well, since you responded I can rightfully assume you are Kinda. You know my man, Toodie then.”
“ Toddie! Sure, I know Toddie and I can assume you must be his lady.”
“Right you are. Woman to woman, I am asking that you leave my man be.”
“Is that right? Far as I can see and have, there is enough to go around.”
I feared that this little spat between two woman over a man could get too far out of hand and was hoping it would end soon. Toddie’s long time woman had tears in her eyes as she continued to plead her case to Kinda. “Do you love him?” She really did not know Kinda at all. Love was never part of Kinda’s vocabulary and she clearly defined her position. “As my girl Tina would ask, ‘What love got to do with it?”’ At this point, we could only laugh but a small piece of me felt kind of sorry for the woman. Before she decided to return to her vehicle, she did leave Kinda with some parting words, “The same thing that makes you laugh will make you cry.” We stood in silence for a minute trying to figure out what the hell she meant by that.

“What ever!” Kinda was screaming these words as the strange woman slowly strutted to her car and drove off. “She got some nerve coming looking for me regarding her man. If he belonged to her, she would never be worrying about me.” Tay, always the wisest, decided to spread some light on the subject. She informed Kinda to watch her back; that she needs to extra careful. This woman knows more about you than you about her. She was able to follow you without you knowing. Don’t underestimate a woman being guided by her heart.

I thought about what Tay was saying and it made a whole lot of sense. I had to ask. “Kinda, you can have just about any man you want, with money, without money; you don’t need this asswhole with this sort of drama in his life. Maybe... just maybe... you need to leave him alone.”

“Why? So what if he had a neurotic woman on his hip. That’s his problem. Any way, it’s all about the conquest. There’s no fun in it, if there is no competition. That’s his relationship, it isn’t mine.”

“Girl, I’m like Tay on this on. I am having real funny feelings about this.”

“ Look, there is nothing to worry about. What her dumb ass needs to do is take her problem to her man.”

As we drove through the city, we were rather quiet. We arrived at the projects quicker than I anticipated. I hated to have the day come to a close. We said our farewells and headed to Kinda’s palce. We continued with our celebration; reminiscing about the past and trying to think about our future. We were getting pretty drunk from the wine we were drinking. I threw the subject of college up and my girls shut me down quickly. Kinda and Lala were just living for the moment but this was to be the start of our new lives. I felt as though it was time to begin making some plans and at least some changes. Unbeknownst, to us, changes were just around the corner.

We were getting our party on that night; feeling no pain at all; then, the phone rang. It was Toddie and he needed to see Kinda right away. They three of us didi not this his call was strange because he called all the time. We only wished that our girl would stay to continue the celebration. Unfortunately, Kinda has always been about the cash and we took the bak seat to her aquiring the money. Kinda showered, changed into a hot pink teddy, sprayed on his favorite perfume, and was ready for business.

“ I hope you don’t think that we’re leaving, because we’re not.”

“ Ness, You can be such a blocker, I’m going to him.”

“Like that?”

“Yes... Mommy saw a duplex for sale and poppy is going to buy it.” Kinda Blew a kiss and left to see her man. Lala decided to place a call to Jake, but I interrupted that call and demanded she stay with me to continue the celebration. We continued to drink, play games, listen to music, and then we crashed. When we awoke, it was early afternoon the next day. Kinda was no where in sight. This was strange because she had not telephoned .

Rumors were floating throughout the project about some crazy chick getting even with her man’s woman. Lala and I did not get all the details nor were we able to piece together that the crazy chick was the one from the red Mercedes. As the day progressed, I received a call from Tay making inquires about Kinda’s whereabouts. It was at this point I became alarmed and begin to question “what was up’. Tay continued to inform me that my suspicion was correct regarding Toddie woman. Word had gotten back that she was rather treacherous to put a beating on her and informed her man that Kinda and her girls did it. It was also stated that Toddie dod not like the idea that his main woman had been beat by some trick he was screwing. That feeling of uneasiness came over me once again. I immediately contacted Lala and informed her of my conversation with Tay. We both feared the worstfor Kinda but we agreed if he puts his hands on her, he would have to deal with us. The only thing we could do to wait to hear from Kinda.

When Kinda left to meet Toddie that early morning, she was dressed to be sexed not beat. Upon arriving at his apartment, he was not full of love for Kinda; he was full of rage. The minute she entered he began putting a beating upon her that he wanted her to remember. The beating lasted for hours She was bloody from her head to toes; lips busted, eyes blackened, bruises, and bumps. Her hypnotic sexuality did not work for her that morning. She attempted to defend herself and question his madness, but Toddie was not haveing it. He locked her in the bathroom with no accessibility to the outside world; removing all land cell phones. He posted some of his flunkies on the outside of his crib to assure she would not escape through the window. Kind’a mind was racing attempting to decipher what had she done to have him in such a vicious manner; whatever it was, PAY BACK WOULD BE MORE THAN JUST A BITCH. She was his hostage for several days; no way to contact any one. Finally, after he had calmed down and wanted some loving, she was able to talk to him . It was at that time she understood the nature of his irrational behavior; she became furious. How dare that whore lie on me? How dare this nut believe every word of her story? This bastarted had the audacity to whip my ass over some lies. He truly doesn’t know me... but he will.

Several more days have passed and there was no words from Kinda. Lala and I grew more bothered by her disappearance without a call. There was rumors on the street but did not know what to believe. We even contacted Tay to find out if she had heard anything. At last Kinda called. She explained the entire ordeal his crazy girlfriend. She asked that we come to his apartment but we had to be extremely careful. We became more infuriated after seeing our girl. Although the bruises had begun to fade, it was evident that she took a beating from this good for-nothing negro. As promised, we left and kept our cool. We did not promise that we would not look for her. Without an address or actual physical whereabouts, we drive around and around Mt. Airy in search of a red Mercedes. Lala knew Jake would have some idea of Toddies’ other place of residence, but the problem was getting the information without revealing the reason. We asked Jake, but he immediately assumed that we were up to no good. It was okay; we had plenty of time. For our girl, that’s all we needed was time. Just then ...the cell phone rang.

One of the big ideas or themes in this book is the lives of three young ladies, living the life they want instead of what they need. And all of the outcomes of each action taking place by each of the three individuals after Graduating high school, to know that change is always an option. You can see this on page <41-88> where it says: "Graduation Day, Boy, it seems as though it took us forever to get out of high school but it finally arrived. The three of us were ready to get the party started. We had experienced so much since the onset of high school , but we made it through. Tay , along with our parents was on the spot to celebrate with us. Our families were glad t6o have her there, especially since this was the beginning of our new lives. The ceremony went off without a hitch; we signed yearbooks and took many pictures. Tay announced that she would be spending the day with us to bring on the celebration. When we loaded in her car, balloons were everywhere making the end of n era with a new one just around the ned. There was one slight problem, the three of us decided not to attend college right away. We had to break this news to Tay because she worked rather hard to assuring that we acquired all of the appropriate information to bark on that journey.”
As you can see Bridges wants us to think about... That change is always an option I repeat. That it is important to always think twice as to what you decide as your future, what your dreams maybe be than, now and in the future. Will your dreams change, your beliefs and bonds. After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because the interest in another’s story of life can also be the reason of your very own changes and beliefs, wise thoughts in your own life.