November's Big Question

Nov 7, 2015

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I'm wondering if we might increase both the multiplicity of our students' voices on Youth Voices LIVE! and ask students to read and annotate the texts that are in NowComment and about "fairness" at

There are conversations like the ones that got going 27 minutes into our 48 minutes together on Youth Voices LIVE! on Friday that make clear what can happen when youth talk to each other: . There'a a complexity and subtly to their navigation of the issues each of them face in their senior year of high school, something much deeper, more real -- both similar and different to each other in unpredictable ways -- than would have happened (or does happen) when teachers ask the questions.

Or how about how these 9th Graders from Okemos, Michigan who begin to take over the "fairness" conversation on Tuesday's Youth Voices LIVE! at 34 minutes in:

We want to continue to allow our Youth Voices LIVE! conversations to have a life of their own and to focus on the questions the youth are asking in their own personal inquiries. See to see when the next conversation will be.

YET... yet... Can we also find a way to get "on the same page" a bit more. I think we can encompass both digressions and more common-text, text-based conversations.

To that end, can you find a way--sometime in the next couple of weeks--to invite your students to add their annotations to the documents embedded and linked at AND also add annotations to the texts we are annotating together about "fairness" on our new Youth Voices group on

Please let us know if you have any questions!