Nowhere to Run

Mar 27, 2015

Nowhere to Run
This is an excerpt from a 61 page story. Comment if you want to read more!

“Alec watch out!” I dive out of the way, just as a swimmer races by me, as fast as a bullet. I come up to take a breath, and see my light brown hair reflected back at me from the water surface. I love to swim, always have, always will. The girl I have a crush on inspired me to swim. You know, the mermaid with red hair and an awesome singing voice? Yes, in case you haven’t figured it out, I have a crush on Ariel.

After swimming for ninety minutes, with only one five minute break in the middle, I was getting tired. I hear the lifeguard call out, “ Pool is closing in ten minutes! Everyone please exit the pool soon.” I start swimming toward the side of the pool, when I remember my goggles are at the bottom of the pool somewhere!

I walk back over to the pool and jump in. I am searching the deep end when I start getting pulled down by my ankle, towards the bottom of the eleven foot side of the pool! I begin to panic. What will my mom and dad say when they know that I drowned after thirteen years of swimming? How much longer can I hold my breath? I close my eyes and stop thrashing. What’s the use anyway? Just when I think I am on the verge of dying, and I can’t hold my breath for any longer, I am released, and I swim as fast as I can to the surface. My eyes sting like hell and I can’t even see out of them, but I don’t care. All that I know at that exact moment in time is I am alive, and I can breathe! And I am not dead!

After I regain my senses and am trying to see out of my eyes again, I start to realize, I am not in the pool back in Santa Barbara. I am in some other body of water, somewhere. But how? I feel the flowing water start to tug around my body, willing me to follow. So, since there is nothing else I can do, I let the currents take control, and sweep me away.

After about five minutes, the current starts to fade. The water isn’t too deep, I can stand here. I rub my eyes wildly, wanting to know where I am, and what my surroundings are. Two minutes later, I can start to see. I open my eyes, and for the first time since arriving to this place, I can see.

What can I say? It is the most beautiful place I had ever seen! I stand there, wonderstruck, for a few minutes, and then really take in the full beauty of this mystical place. Right in front of me, underneath the crystal clear water was a gorgeous castle, made of what looked like opal, shining with the light of the afternoon sun. All around it are cave like structures, with braided seaweed vines hanging from the top of each one, as if they were to act like doors. They swayed with the small currents, rustling like leaves in the autumn wind. There were people, I mean, mermaids, and mermen swimming around the castle, and the dwellings that surrounded it.

I just realize, there are merfolk! This can’t be real, I think to myself, this cannot be real!