Oct 16, 2014
by: ewan

National Team Selection Camp
When I got picked for National Team Selection Camp I was very excited. I have never been more thrilled in my life. The whole experience of getting selected and the actual camp was incredible.
I remember the game right before we were picked, it was extremely intense and sadly we tied. I had jammed my finger in the warm up and my thumb was different shades of blue and purple. It was also twice its normal size. I had to develop a new style of play to score goals so I was scared the scouts might realize that and not pick me because of it. Directly after the tie we hopped out of the pool and got our shiny medals. Immediately after I started hearing names on the loudspeaker. I heard a bad pronunciation of my name and in that moment I was the happiest person because I knew that they called me. Not only was I automatically in the camp, I was considered in the top six players at the tournament out of about one hundred. I remember going into a corner with Dave Merriman, the 14U National Team Head Coach, and he told us what we had to do in order to attend the camp. I will never forget what he said.
“First off congratulations! All of you worked extremely hard and are very deserving of this opportunity” he told us. I recall having a really good feeling of pride and accomplishment.
That day was one of the best days of my life and if I could relive it I would in a heartbeat. I remember a lot of people from my team congratulating me and it was all really big blur. With the smell of chlorine still in my hair we left Dallas back for Michigan. The whole experience in getting selected was incredibly fun and I received some of the best memories from it.