Oct 17, 2010
by: pdass

       scientists at the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore  Laboratory  have delivered more than one megajoules of laser energy to a target. by there quest to be the first trigger a nuclear fusion reaction using lasers. This laser light that has been delivered within a few billionths of a second would be about 500 times than that used by the U.S. required to achieve its fusion ignition.  This  laser energy is delivered the equivalent of about 30 times by any other group of lasers when it is focused by the energy of 192 laser beams.  The hohlraum converts the energy to X-Rays which then compresses the fuel until the 200 million degrees Fahrenheit pressures billions of times greater that atmospheric pressure.the 1 mg capsules that is full with deuterium and tritium so more  than one element including hydrogen will make this experiment work in 2010 at the ignition campaign .The Nif  started laser system which  began firing all 192 laser beams at targets in 2009.
            The scientists and researcher in japan are succeeding in teleporting information now. They used the same information and principles to teleport energy rather than the use of computers or any electronic. This theory had been created by Masahiro Hotta which he prove that entangled particles could be stretched around and infinity amount of space by the change of one of the particles which will later change the other as well according to the preserve conservation energy the originals particles will be destroyed as well because the energy has been teleported from one particle to another .But Masahiro Hotta  does not have any photographic printing or a drawing to show the replacing power lines with teleporting energy bonds.
    If we combine these two new technologies  and create energy it will be really good for our community because it will help now these days from global warming and  since many are having problems receiving energy we will be saving many lives and if this combing does happen we will have very advanced society meaning that this world will be more successful and strong. So many types of technologies are making such a difference and many don't even realize but this type of a change in technologies people will acknowledge it and will like the type of receiving energy in this world.
       Technologies is the real deal as of right now we creating many new technologies so we don't have to do much of hand work and which reduces the use of human effort. Having more energy is like having more days to live without any danger because you know that we are secure with all the energy surrounding us. Technologies make the world get so much better.