Oakland students demand equal education

Oct 3, 2014
by: hxu

In my opinion, all oakland students should not receive the same exactly education. Because some students do not have enough ability to get good education. So I think different type of students should get different level of education.
There are so many new immigrants come to the United States, they don’t know how to speak English, so if these people have the exact same education as the original students in the school, then they cannot catch up the learning. Bad learning always causes lower grades, lower grades always make students cannot go to college, then they can’t succeed in the future.
My older brother told me that when he immigrated to Oakland, it was a hard time for him to stay in community college. He could not speak and learn English so well, he could not catch up with other students learning because he did not understand what was the teacher talking about, so his grades started to drop down.
To get the education that fits you, so you can learn without a hard time and being successful.