Obama can really change the country!

Nov 7, 2008
by: sdary

Feelings about Barack Obama & the Elections?


Obama Can really change America,and fix the mistakes of what the other man caused!

I feel refreshed because , I feel Obama can really change America ant the mistakes of what the other man has caused. I mean i feel like i live in a world were anything can happen, Blacks can run for president or anybody of any race can run for president. My vote was for Barack Obama because he was a man for helping the middle class man. I feel refreshed because New president, New laws, A new way to live everyday life. So I am really happy that Barack Obama is president because he understands he needs us to run a country.


    Barack Obama has been elected President!


yo are are so smart and so

Submitted by sdary on Fri, 2008-11-07 12:05.

yo are are so smart and so correct you know what who ever wrote this is genis i love this guy