Obama or Romney?

Sep 27, 2012
by: curtisc

I just read an article from the New York times


I strongly Agree with this article because Barack Obama was the first black African American that got to reach the most important office in America. I feel like most people voted Obama as president because they wanted him to be the first black executive president. Mr.Obama First two years as president was a good run for him. he got to pass the health care bill also he had the chance to bring back soldiers from iraq .

One sentence that stood out for me was “ Whether Americans grant Mr. Obama a four-year extension will depend in part on his ability to reconcile the heady aspirations of 2008 with the messy results of the four years that followed.” I think this is clearly letting us know that Obama has made mistake and can do better but if they vote for Mitt Romney as president then it will be a bigger change.

I'm pretty sure this is not accurate information because obama helped the lower class and they consider that as a bad thing which it’s not.

Another sentence that I did not Agree on was “ In some ways Mr. Obama has been remade by his time in office. Burned by failed Roosevelt Room summits with Republican leaders and faced with implacable resistance, he has abandoned the inside game to barnstorm the country pressuring lawmakers. “ this stood out for me because it says how obama has been remade by his time in office. When I first read this I felt like they was tired of him from the beginning. If obama continues to be the president of the united states then i think he will see thing in a better view. When they voted george bush as president he continued to lead the economy down and barack Obama had to fix his mistakes and create new ways to lead the economy upward.

I double checked this fact through an web page. ( http://www.biography.com/people/barack-obama-12782369

Theres another thing in this article that may not be accurate to me which is “ But Senate Republicans blocked many other items on the president’s agenda, most notably a “cap and trade’’ energy bill, meant to reduce the growth of carbon emissions.” I find this statement not accurate because why would they block most of the presidents agendas. And i also know that the senates has a higher power then the presidents. also i find out something from this other article( http://www.naturalnews.com/Obama.html

And from here it says how why and how obamacare was a good plan and shows how he can be responsible and care about his economy. george bush wasn’t helping the poor , say if george bush was president would there be a Bush care.

What I learned from these Articles was that the senate has a higher position then the president , also we are lucky that obama was president for 3 years and he made slight change . which was help the lower class. I feel like the higher class shouldn’t worry about paying taxes like they make enough money already.


I agree with your thoughts on

Submitted by Andrelikestoparty on Fri, 2012-09-28 11:05.

I agree with your thoughts on who may be the better president, you ended the blog post saying "I feel the higher class shouldn't worry about paying taxes like they make enough money already." This is very true, I don't believe for one second that cutting taxes for the 2% is going to stimulate job growth. Republicans also believe that the rich already pay high taxes already, well right now the rich pay lower taxes then 40% of Americans. I like this blog post because it breaks down the Mitt Romney plan.

In my opinion Mitt Romney

Submitted by AlexFa on Wed, 2012-10-10 15:21.

In my opinion Mitt Romney would be a better president. Since he was a sucsessfull buisnessman he will have a better aproach at dealing with our economy. Also he will create more jobs because, he will help small buisnesses grow so they can hire more workers. Aslo he`ll cut government spending. I really think thats the best way to sovle some problems. Obama spends $4 billion a day, that is way too much. Also Obama wants to make ourt military small and less powerful. that is not the right choice because we need to protect our selves. And making the military bigger will give us more factory jobs to build the weapons needed for our military. And these are just some reasons Romney needs to win this election in order to save this country.


Submitted by ClaudinoP on Wed, 2012-10-10 17:11.

Ok, by now most people should have noticed that all Obama did was hurt the Economy. He put this country 14.6 trillion dollars in debt, and Obama care is 2,000 dollars more then normal health care but makes you pay smaller amounts each month to make it seem like less. George W. Bush has every problem blamed on him, but people just believe that because employment has gone up 7%, but the jobs those people got probably weren't giving them enough money to support their family. Anyone who wants Obama obviously is rich and can take horrific taxes without changing their daily life. I don't know what you want, but I want a President who wont put us another 14.6 trillion dollars in debt. I hope you understand now that Romney is the best choice to change our country for the best.

I completly agree with the

Submitted by BrianD on Wed, 2012-10-10 18:47.

I completly agree with the OP. I do really think that president Obama would be a better president than Mitt Romney. I have multiple reasons about why I think that. Firstly, most of America lives in the middle class and I think that Obama is going to help the middle class get employed again. I think that Mitt Romney just wants to help the rich people in America. Secondly, I think that Obama actually cares about the envoirment where as mitt romney just says that global warming is a hoax. Thirdly, I do not like Mr. Romney's stands on what women should be allowed to do. For example I think that owmen should be allowed to have an abortion. Finally, I think that Mr Romney changes his mind too often and wouldn't tell the amercian people exactly his plan for this country. I think that Mr. Obama should still be President of the United States of America.