Obamafy Yourself

Dec 15, 2008
by: AlliBerry
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A few people have been asking me how one can go about creating an Obama look-alike poster in photoshop. Instead of going through the tedious artistic cutout process, you can do  someting much easier. Dubi Kaufmann has gone about constructing a widget on Mac Photobooth which allows you to do just that.

In case you spent the entire campaign wondering what YOU would look like in the poster, I’m here to tell you that hope is on your side and you can now insert yourself into the famous poster. How? Mac fan Dubi Kaufmann has created a Plug-In for Mac’s Photo Booth application that lets Mac users Obamafy themselves. Check it out: Are you a PC user like me? Bad news for us, Dubi Kaufmann has no plan of making a PC version for us to Obamafy ourselves. Think there is any chance this will make it into the "I’m a PC" commercials? In any event, this just shows once again how advanced Macs and Mac fans are graphically!

Obamafy Yourself with Mac /// Buzz & Viral Marketing Agency ★★★Vanksen|Culture-buzz


To download this widget, click here.

If you're much more interested in the original poster, by Shepard Fairey, you can see hime and similar artists on the Obey website.