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Jan 8, 2016
by: Adam447
Oblivion book

In the last book of the Gatekeepers series, the Gatekeepers have been gone for a decade and the Old Ones have brought the World to its knees. Become Immersed in this spectacular conclusion of the series as you join the Gatekeepers on their final quest to save the world. I really enjoyed this book because the Author uses such descriptive vocabulary that you feel as if you are right next to the characters and there are also times when you get anxious because of the suspense. The ending of the book was very sad and when I read that section, my eyes began to water. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys action.


This seems interesting,

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Submitted by eric_yu2001 on Sat, 2016-01-09 16:32.

This seems interesting, rather kind of cliche because of the "saving the world" thing, but I would like to know a little more information. For instance, what are Gatekeepers? Why is this book called Oblivion? Describe some of the good vocabulary. The good thing about your summary was that it didn't give away any spoilers, or anything potentially ruining the story for some readers. Nice job!

I have heard about this

Submitted by jesskim34 on Sat, 2016-01-09 18:20.

I have heard about this series, but never got around the chance to read them. Now knowing that they are heavily action based, I am more interested. I have never really read an action book and I think this one would be a good one to start off with. I do really like action movies, so hopefully my imagine will help in picturing images within this book. Thanks for the recommendation!


Submitted by AEB_19 on Sun, 2016-01-10 19:08.

This sounds like a good series. What's the first book of the series.