Odee Crazy, The Kite Runner

May 18, 2009
by: sdary

World Connections To Plot

    The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseni is about two kids Amir and Hassans who grow up during past and modern day Afghanistan. They talk about all the times of sorrow and joy as they take on tough obtiscales in the book. Its a interesting book but sometimes it can be plain old boring. At first i could not put it down but after page 50, I started to lose interest.

    I am snoring right now with the book, The Kite Runner maybe because I am losing interest in it. For an example on page 29 paragraph 3. It was all boring from then on, I mean I really did not want to know what Hassan favorite book was. It had nothing to do with the book and I doubt if I read in the future nothings going to refer to it.

    Something interesting happens on page 7, When the soliders talk to Hassan.

"I knew you mother, did you know that?I knew her real good. I took her from behind by that creek over."
"The soldiers laughed. One of them made a squealing sound. I told Hassan to keep walking, keep walking."
"What a tight little sugary cunt she had!" the soliders was saying, shaking hands with the others'grinning".
    I think this is things that could be still happening in Afghanistan. Soldiers rape innocent teenage girls and elder women. This is a problem that is hard to solve.-_-

    So far, the plot in The Kite Runner reminds me of a story in the news. What happened was two Afghani girls were raped by two American soldiers. This really reminded me what the Afgani Soldiers did to Hassans mom. I really dont have have the source for that news but it happened last summer of 2008.

    I am looking forward to reading Kite Runner, Kahled Hosseini, but avoiding boring parts. I think something really tradgic is about to happen next. I really cant predict a random book.