Oh Deer

Oct 16, 2014
by: jkordo

Last November I went to Mecosta County for opening day of deer season. The first day we went out from 6AM to 6PM and didn't see anything shootable. We went back to the cabin, saw our friends, ate, and went to bed. We went out the next day and... I fell asleep.

At 10:15 am my dad poked me and whispered, “Are you gonna shoot it?” I looked up and saw a six point about 100 yards out. Slowly I shouldered my gun and CRACK, it ran up a hill. Ten minutes later we went out to find a blood trail, nothing. Another 20 minutes later I went to where we saw it ran and there, in the leaf of a bush, a speckle, and another, and a stream. Over the crest it laid, but something was wrong. Half of the meat had been eaten by a coyote. Over night this isn't rare, but no one I ever talked to has heard of it happening in thirty minutes before.

After finding the deer we dragged it out of the woods to our 2 track, on the way we saw more evidence of coyotes in the form of 2 dead fawns. The deer tag was marked and put on right before my dad went for the truck.

About ten minutes into my wait for the truck I heard something moving about where my deer fell, they came back. All I heard for 20 minutes was coyotes running up and down different deer trails. I was looking at the crest of the hill when… I saw a head, and another, and another. I lined up my sights and, out off the corner of my eye, I saw a black hood.

We loaded up the truck and went to the garage to clean it, a little cut cut hear a little snip snip there and we had our deer. My dad went back out to the blind and I ate really good barbecue while playing madden NFL, but I realized there were 6 coyotes and I only had 3 shoots.