Oh the Treachery of Gas

Mar 12, 2009
by: dryanmas
Career goals

This morning I was 22 dollars rich. This afternoon, I have four dollars to my name. And how could such a thing come to be? I got into my car after school and low fuel light was burning bright.

It's times like these that the "...if only" cogs start turning.

But it turns out there is something out there that's much cheaper, and much, much more reusable, thing that one can buy: a hose and a gas can.

Gas siphoning! Once you have a the gas tank open all you need to do is lower your hose into it until you hear it dip into the gas tank. Then of course comes the sucking. But no one wants gas in their mouth; it's a waste and just plain nasty. Forunately with a little help from our friend gravity, we can easily get around it. If you dip the hose down to street level, loop it back up, and begin sucking slowly, you can see the gas rising. When it is near your mouth, stop sucking and allow it to flow into your gas can.

I suppose I should do a disclosure statement about how I don't actually plan on trying this on unsuspecting cars. But I figured it was a good skill to add to my bank of semi-useless knowledge. And who knows, maybe someday it'll come in handy. Like if there's a zombie apocalypse or something!