The Old Hound

Apr 20, 2015
by: 20wanga

This Scratch project is the second one I have created thus far in this school year. It was made and developed on the program Scratch. While being rather different from the first project I created, it was still the same overall process. It was tedious, however it was still pretty fun during the process of programming the project. It was a long process, but learning how to work with Scratch and sitting down to work was also very enjoyable. This particular project's plot is adopted from "The Old Hound" BY Aesop, which is a fable explaining the consequences of moral and ethical decisions.


Act 1
[Old dog sitting and napping on the field]
[Enter on stage left the dog’s owner]
Ricky: C’mon boy, get up and go do your duty.
Dog: [Thinks to himself] I’m old and crusty. Can’t this man just leave me alone? I’ve served him for like ever! [To Ricky] I don’t want to!
Ricky: Now now, don’t be lazy. Let’s go!
Dog:[Thinks to himself] I’m tired and my body is losing its necessitates. Leave me alone!!
Ricky: I won’t do it again. Let’s go!
Dog: Fine… [Gets up and follows Ricky]
Ricky: Attaboy! That’s the spirit!
Dog: Yeah, yeah, whatever.
Ricky: Alright then. Let’s go now, don’t want to miss the gathering, don’t we?
Dog: Ohh this guy sure gets on my nerves.
[Scene change; suddenly, a masculine wild boar appears, and Ricky is amused by its presence. He wants the dog to chase it.]
Ricky: Here boy, I want you to seize him right in the ear so that he can’t go anymore. Mr. Coren would sure be proud of this achievement of yours!

The dog is left with the decision of either helping out Ricky by holding down the boar, or conserving its own energy by disobeying the master, and not holding down the boar, incidentally getting scolded by Ricky, and maybe even get hurt.

Act 2A
Dog: Hmmm…. Oh what the heck! What is there to lose? [Runs after boar]
Ricky: That’s the spirit! Go gettem! How lucky I am to have this dog! Oh joy!
Dog: [Sprints after the boar with great speed, attempting to capture it]
Boar: Let go of me! I am in great pain! OWOWOWO!!!!
Dog: Never!
Boar: Let go of me, or else I will attack!
Dog: Though I do not like him, I must remain loyal to him. After all, he is my master.
Boar: I’m going to give you one last chance! Decide now!

Here, the dog has to make the decision to either let go of the Boar or keep holding onto him.

Act 2B
Dog: No thank you.
Ricky: Excuse me? Are you disobeying my orders?
[Boar runs off]
Dog: I’m just so tired! Won’t you give me a break? Each and every day, it’s just like this!
Ricky: I will give you your break once I believe that you deserve it. Refusing me will not get you any closer to resting. Once again, I will give you one more chance to decide what you want to do.
Dog: Again, I must say that I will respectfully disobey your order. I just can’t do it, master. I am not up for it. I’m sorry, but that is the cold hard truth.

In this scenario, the master, Ricky must decide whether he wants to cudgel the dog, or leave him after he refuses orders.

Act 3AA
Boar: That’s enough. I shall now attack. [Vigorously shakes to try to get dog off of him]
Dog: Ughh fine... [Finally gives up, and releases Boar]
Boar: [Runs away]
Ricky: [Walks to dog] What was that? You should have kept him there!
Dog: I did the best I could! Give me a break. I’m going to drop dead!
Ricky: No exceptions! [Hits dog]
Dog: It was not my fault, master, my spirit was good as ever, but I could not help mine infirmities.
Ricky: You must learn yourself a lesson so that this won’t happen again.
[Hits dog]
Dog: But master!
Ricky: No buts!
Dog: Please stop!
Ricky: I shall not relent because you tell me to do so.
[Hits dog]
Dog: [Drops to the ground]
Act 3 AB
Boar: That’s enough. I shall now attack. [Vigorously shakes to try to get dog off of him]
Dog: I will not let go!
Boar: Ahhh I give up. I’m done fighting with you. Whatever. [Gives up and drops to the ground]
Dog: Thank you for what you’re doing, Boar. It means a lot.
Boar:Yeah yeah whatever.
Ricky: Good job buddy! I’m glad
persevered, and didn’t give up.
Dog: Thank you, master. I’m grateful that you are proud of me. You tire me a lot, however I still must follow the orders you give.
Ricky: You know what? You’ve worked hard enough for the past few weeks. I will give you the next few days to relax, and take a break from all the work I give you.
Dog: Thank you so much, master. I really appreciate it!
Ricky: Off you go, now!
Act 3 BA
Ricky: How dare you disobey me! I cannot believe that you would have the nerve to say that!
Dog: Listen, dude. You must understand that this here dog is tired from doing whatever you say, such as going after that there boar.
Ricky: I knew you were trouble. I am very ashamed in you.
Dog: If you would ever so kindly let me take a break for a day or so, maybe I would have a better attitude towards you.
Ricky: Sorry but I don’t buy it. You’re going to learn a lesson. [Hits dog]
Dog: Please! Have some mercy, for goodness sake! It was not my fault, master, my spirit was good as ever, but I could not help mine infirmities.
Ricky: [Hits dog again]
Dog: Leave me alone! Stop it!
Ricky: [Hits dog]
Dog: [Drops to the ground]
Act 3 BB
Ricky: How dare you disobey me! I cannot believe that you would have the nerve to say that!
Dog: I just can’t handle the workload. It’s too much, man.
Ricky: I understand. I admit I am working you a little too hard these days.
Dog: Yes, sir. I’m glad you are able to realize that.
Ricky: From you, I learned that no one should be blamed for his infirmities. That’s a pretty valuable lesson right here.
Dog: Indeed it is. Well does this mean what I think it means?
Ricky: Yes, yes. You are permitted to have a break from your work.
Dog: Well isn’t this something. Thank you!
Ricky: Not a problem. But make the most out of it! These won’t come often, you hear.
Dog: Thank you, again!
Ricky: Off you go, now!

Moral of the story: You should always put your best effort into something, however nobody should be blamed for their infirmities.