Nov 17, 2008


This picture is relevant to my topic because polar bears are now an endangered species. They are endangered because the polar ice caps are melting and they have nowhere to rest.


Dear Catherine,  Polar

Submitted by 12kaganv on Thu, 2008-12-04 15:00.

Dear Catherine,

 Polar Bears were on and off the endangered species list for decades. This is all our fault. Due to the polution that we humans cause there is global warming. This means that the cold and ice are starting to dissapear where the polar bears thrived. This means less food and shelter for the bears and they have to fight for resources. That is why we have to try and save these animals from extinction because they will be missed.


 Thank you for commenting

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 Thank you for commenting on my post, it was a very thoughtful comment :). I see that you are interested in animals. My group is doing a project on animals and would love to hear your opinions so keep commenting and responding to our posts. Thank youu. 

AWWWWW...Nice Polar Bear....CUTE!!!

Submitted by CFlores on Thu, 2008-12-04 20:19.

D3@r C@th3r1n3,

First of all I wanted to say that I think the bear is really cute and that they are one of my favorite animals. Anyway.....I think that you are right....we don't know what we have to lose until it's gone. If the polar bears extinct I'm going to be so sad and mad. I like plar bears because it's a unique species, even though the family members are close alike. I like that polar bears live in antartica and they have nice and furry white coats which just makes them cuter. Even though the animals maybe a little wild....Okay, wild they are still living organisms. Because of us, we are losing a special species and that also goes to those other extinct animals. I think that if we hurry up and find a solution to all of this and help to improve the environment this species can be saved and not extinct until years and years from now. Thankz for wirting and showing us a picture of this because it's really nice that someone would show off such a beautiful animal =)

Polar bear is a kind of

Submitted by bmong on Sat, 2008-12-13 00:24.

Polar bear is a kind of endangered species on earth. People destroyed our environment badly. It makes humans lived in a destroying environment and also the animals. I think the most unfair thing is that the animal don't have choice because they live in the same plantet as human beings. They don't try to destroy our environment but need to suffer from the bad things made by humans.poor):