Mar 19, 2015
by: 20khana

Introduction: This is an animation about three young adults who travel to Planet Omicron because Earth is almost destroyed. They find that it is great for life, but inhabited by the monsters. I created this for Tech class, and I used Scratch to make it. It was really fun but challenging to create a story that moves and talks

(The three people’s shuttle appears from stage left, flying ins space. After a bit, the backdrop changes to inside the shuttle).
Jason- Ok, this is it guys.
Sofie- Yeah, lets get ready
(Puts on equipment)
Jason- Prepare for landing!
(Scene changes to on a plain on the planet)
Michael- Well, it looks fine so far! There’s a forest in the distance, too. There’s the right temperature and fertile soil.
Sofie- (Walking around with the others) The planet is perfect for living! Great, guys!
Jason- Thats all well and good, but where’s the water? And life?
Sofie- Maybe there’s water in other places. Lets explore!
( scene changes to a dense tropical forest at sundown)
Sofie- (enters from stage left followed by others) I told you there was water! Oh this is great!
Jason- We need to make sure there is more though.
Michael- Also if there’s animals. How about we camp here?
Jason- I’ll keep watch, You guys sleep, I’m not tired
Sofie- Thanks
(scene changes to dawn)
Sofie- Michael, run!
Michael- But, wha-
Sofie- Just run!
Jason- HELP!
(Sofie and Michael run away. Jason dies)
Michael- What were those things?
Sofie- I don’t care! Why didn’t you try to help him?! I hate you, you monster!
Michael- But, wha- no, wait!
(Sofie ignores him all night, and is gone in the morning)
Michael- Where’s Sofie?
Michael- Wait! She left me for dead!
Monster- Hello Michael Green. We caused the catastrophe of Earth. Now we will cause yours.
Monster- Welcome to Omicron.

Developers Logs-
Session 1: School, Thursday, 3/12/15. Today I got the background for Part 1 and 3 of my Act 1 and I made the spaceship costume. I did steps 1-5.

Session 2: School, Monday, 3/16/15. I worked on the opening scene. I had problems with importing backgrounds from StoryboardThat. Did Steps 6-17. The flying of the ship was challenging also because it was not repeatable until I fixed it. Also I wanted to get them to walk, but I couldn’t.

Session 3: Home, Tuesday, 3/17/15. I did the remainder of the project. There was a bug, which stopped the animation in the middle. I could not complete the project now, but I later fixed it. The numerous amounts of scripts and broadcasts was really challenging, especially to fix the bug.




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