The Omnivore's Dilemma

Dec 10, 2014
by: Hannah M

The book Omnivore’s Dilemma Young Reader’s Edition, by Michael Pollan, truly lets you see the truth behind the food that is in our cabinets. One major thing that is discussed a lot about in this book is Corn. We are literally surrounded by Corn, “corn is in places you would never think to look… it goes on the coating that makes the cover of a magazine shine. It’s even part of the supermarket building, because the wallboard, the flooring, and many other building materials are made with corn” states the book (pg.12). As you can see, we are truly surrounded by corn. It is in our supermarket wallboards and flooring. These are just a few things that are made with corn but there are many more.

I would definitely recommend this book to others because if you really want to know more about your food and where it comes from then this is the perfect book to read. It educates you on where your food comes from, how it gets on your plate, and the suffering the animals had to go through just so you can eat that delicious hamburger you just ordered. This book however also teaches you about eating meats that are better for you, such as Grass-Fed meats or eating a organically.

The author explains the difference between grass-fed meats and non grass-fed meats. He also explains the benefits of eating grass-fed meat. He states, “I’ve made this meal several times before, yet I knew this wasn’t the same food at all. That was because the chickens had spent their lives outdoors on pastures rather than in a shed eating grain.

When cattle, chickens, and other animals eat grass and not just corn and other grains they are actually healthier for us to eat” (pg.197). Eating meats from chickens or cows that were raised eating grass is much healthier for us than to be eating animals that were raised eating corn and grains and they taste better since I have personally tasted them. Reading this book makes you want to go vegetarian but if you don’t want to then it gives you tips on how to eat better.