Online gaming

Feb 11, 2010
by: Jmo

Games to me is a way of life because its a escape to a place where u can start all over be different and meet people across the globe in the comfort of your home or with friends in a  p.c cafe  to me the strategy games / war games are the ones that keep me most interested because of the real factor but rpg games also interest me a lot because of the live action that also keeps me active and thinking the war games help me figure out critical situations and how to counter act them in the fastest and most convenient way even tho they take forever to finish because you spend real time to build up your land and troops it just adds in to the realistic factor of it even if its taken place in a older time.My favorite game online currently is evony/empirecraft because of its realistic war features along with real time materials for example it takes time to build up your city as it would in real life but a little faster*well a whole lot faster but still takes ages* and you build troops to defend and attack others along with researching technology.

 Ayiti was a completely pointless and utterly useless game to me because it lacked many things that have a realistic factor in the game in real life constantly working with bad health and low rations and ignoring all sickness would not take 3 years to kill someone it would take 3 months so that was thrown out the window and the game was so simple which i don't blame because it was created by normal people but those normal people were idiots to think that they were helping the cause out by creating this game, because this game did not make me feel more sympathetic towards the Haiti people as a matter of fact it made me seem more funny to me and those suckers got what they deserve i guess so to all those out there that think that this game is good or has a meaning id suggest that you go get your mental facilities checked to see if they are functioning properly.

Currently War games have caught my attention and i enjoy playing them despite what people say about how they are "boring" or "pointless" because to me its just like a game of chess except real people are involved in this and its a lot more intricate than what it seems to be where people assume its just a game of clicking and wasting time. To me i think T.v is one of the worse things to do during the day because you are not mentally challenging yourself in anyway nor are you actively doing anything thus your brain "rots" , i believe this because i have experienced in before in my life when t.v was the center of the universe to me and that was the only thing i did all day, i got fat, i had no reaction, i was literally stupid, and i was beyond lazy but that is just me maybe other people have better luck with t.v than anything else but my rebuttal for that is whatever you can do on t.v you can do on the computer and the computer is way more useful in every way possible.

The difference between a game like evony, empirecraft, kingory, threekingdoms is that the games are set in different times, different locations, with a slight variation on the production of troops for example in empirecraft i produce orc troops and in evony i produce normal human troops and siege equipment and in kingory i only produce battle troops due to me still being a slight noob but the siege weapons are spelled a bit differently and in threekingdoms i cant even produce siege weapons. Another variation the games have is the production of buildings, for example in kingory i dont upgrade a townhall i upgrade the government instead and threekingdom i upgrade the central palace but all these little tiny changes only help make the game more playable on different levels and more interesting how different periods of time influenced different designs of the game.

Overall games to me are a portal, a way to escape life into a different realm where you can be anyone you wanna be and you can start over without anyone judging u because of your race or facial setup or any other things that you feel shy about. Each person is different therefore choose different games to escape into, for example i used to be a hardcore mmorpg gamer but due to all the years that i have played it, it got boring and i wanted a game with a little thinking in it and online war games hit the spot for me, one day ill obviously go back to my mmorpg days but until then war games will keep me active along with Pen spinning.