Opinon Piece on "Don't Skimp on Sandy Aid"

Jan 17, 2013
by: GM86718

In Andrew Rosenthal's opinion piece, "Don't Skimp On Sandy Aid", the author shines a negative spotlight on Republicans opposed to the Hurricane Sandy Relief. He clearly disapproves of said Republicans' actions, while endorsing acceptable amendments that redirect enough money towards the necessitated people in the affected states.

Andrew uses pathos to support his opinion, especially when he uses wording that carries a certain negative connotation to describe the opposed Representatives, effectively tagging them with a negativity the reader is sure to pick up. Examples of said wording are: "After the Senate approved more than $60.4 billion in aid for the battered region in December, Speaker John Boehner and his Republicans in the House balked." and "On Tuesday, the House is expected to approve a smaller package of $17 billion that barely covers basic needs like temporary housing."

Andrew also uses logos to further negatively denominate the opposed Representatives, by bolstering the guilt factor, which in turn is caused by showing the reader the (relatively) small amount of money the Representatives passed. Said explanation can be backed up by the following sentence: "They approved only $9.7 billion, mostly for flood insurance."

In relation to the author's opinion, I absolutely agree that Representatives should keep in mind the human needs their fellow countrymen have, because no matter how distant the affected states are from where the Representatives are, they are citizens under the same country, and the instinct to help should be prioritized. Empathy can be useful aid when attempting to change the mind of said opposed Republicans, in hope they come to the realization about the needs these states possess.




Submitted by PK777 on Thu, 2013-01-17 12:09.

I found it surprising that the Senate passed a plan that included a 60.4 billion aid package. I believe that the package may be hard to fund completely but aid is something that is necessary. The government should support Sandy as well as raising awareness about Sandy which allows the American public to help their friends and neighbors rise from the ashes of Hurricane Sandy.