Oral history Gentrification

May 1, 2015
by: nastynate

"I’ve lived in oakland for quite awhile now. Not much of the neighborhood has changed, but the people have. It seems as if the people keep moving in and out of the apartments and houses next to mine. Im so used to seeing new neighborhors every couple of months. As years past, my rent doesn’t seem to be the same. Maybe thats why a lot of people are moving in and out because people can’t afford it anymore. I do think  that gentrification is inevitable. I think it will happen in Oakland no matter what because more of the middle class is moving in and landlords have no choice but to raise the rent. theres not much i can to minimize effects of gentrification. I can only work harder and save money. I don’t think there is no one person to blame for gentrification, but i do know that it is caused by the moving in of people with money. I feel like the city can maybe this problem by making a type of deal with landlords so they can’t raise the rent. One thing that i have to sacrifice to live no is the time i have with my family. Most of the time i work in order to remain living in Oakland.” this quote was from my uncle. He has lived here for more then 10 years and have seen the effects of Gentrification. I wanted to share his though and feeling about it.