ORIGINAL Photo Discussion

Dec 18, 2009
by: CocoF

I am exploring fashion/clothes. I am interested in this because I really like fashion and putting together outfits and I'm always interested in seeing how other people wear clothes, and if I really love the fashion photographs in magazines like Vogue that I read a lot.

In this photograph, I see the display window of the clothing store Rugby. You can see the mannequins creatively dressed in clothes from the store, as well as big red letters in the background that read 'Make Your Own'. My interpretation of this photograph is that the people who designed the store window were trying to create an old school vibe, as if the mannequins were dressing up for high school 50 years ago.

It has been said that one photograph is worth a thousand words. This could be true about this photograph because it creates a very 'old school' preppy feel and sort of reminds me of what people might have worn in high school back in the 50's or so. It creates a really nice picture and the way the clothes are arranged on the mannequins really catches people's eye as their walking by. It reflects my theme in that my topic is fashion/clothing, and Rugby is a clothing store and the mannequins are dressed in very creative and interesting outfits.

One thing that I know about fashion/clothing is that people have been designing outfits and clothes and taking photos of it for a long, long time. Vogue has been around for a while, but it's interesting to see how much the clothes in the photos and the photographs themselves have changed over the years. You can really tell what era/period of time someone is from just based on the clothes that they are wearing. Sometimes people today take photographs of people wearing historical clothes from a different time period, which is also really interesting. One thing that I wonder about the people who take fashion photographs for magazines is how exactly they decide how to dress someone up or how to position them, and how much attention they give to smaller details like the lighting. This makes me think of experimenting more with the position of things in the photograph, as well as taking photographs of actual people instead of just mannequins.

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This photograph was taken by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italy [I'm focusing on the top picture] and was found http://vondy.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/killer-vogue-steven-meisel8.jpg. In this photograph, I see a woman with fiery red hair in a black dress holding some sort of bat. There is destruction and chaos in the background. I don't know much about this photo, except on the website I found it it said it was inspired by Sin City. My interpretation of this photograph is that the photographer is trying to create a very dark and destructive atmosphere and it feels very film noir-ish.

This photograph relates to my photograph because it's main focus is on the fashion and I really like the background. As I look at this and other photographs, my next photographs will definitely try and take pictures of actual people wearing the clothes, as opposed to just the store window, which really isn't all that creative. If possible, I'd even try and get someone to pose for a photograph, but that might be a bit difficult. But there's a lot more that I would want to do other than just take pictures of store windows. If I were to look up some information about fashion/clothing, I would like to know more about the process of taking fashion photographs like the ones you see in Vogue, because I know there's more to it than just the clothes that they wear, the background and the details are important as well.

Since you are reading this post, I would like to ask you what you think about fashion photography.