Orwell's Relevancy

Dec 8, 2013
by: Cassadey

In my English class we just finished reading "1984" by George Orwell. It is a dystopian novel that follows Winston, the main character, trying to survive in a world full of lies and power. I think Orwell was telling us a lot about our own society in today's world with this book. He is showing everything that can go wrong in a society. One of the commonalities I took from "1984" is how much power can have an affect on one society. In "1984" the power is given to The Party which has a figurehead called Big Brother. No one has actually seen Big Brother, he may or may not exist. There are posters that are put all around the town that state Big Brother will always be watching you, which puts a fear into many of the people. If caught doing a thought-crime you can be taken, vanished, and may never return back to society.
I think Orwell was telling us, that when you have a leader who has a lust for power in control of the people, society will crumble. There will be people who will try to take over, and may fail, or society may just forever stay at a standstill, but either way it is not how a world should be ran.
Today in our world, we have one leader, which is the President, but he isn't making the decisions of how the U.S should be ran. He is taking the thoughts and opinions from us, the people, Congress, and many other government officials. He doesn't have all of the power. The fact that we are able to vote for our own leaders shows that we also have power. But as a society, we must be careful of who we give the power to, because we never know what a person will do when having all of the control.

Here are some other ways that "1984" relates to today's world:



Submitted by Jesmion on Wed, 2013-12-25 14:18.

Well, it's naturally been aware by the people of God, that the chosen leader of God would be dethrone while people's choices would be enthrone: Orwells had rightly written what's going about the world, some body may be voted ins to serve his country, he would unfortunately, may have dubious staffs, that would be inciting the president into doing wrong and when the president expel them they would connive with the lawless ones against the president and the president would not turn-out in the next election: