Overview of two major turning points in world history

Jun 23, 2009
by: XLiu

This is also an essay I wrote before the Global History Regent to practice. This essay disscuss little part of the two major turning point in world history.


The shape of our society is often related to the government, both has powers to change the other. The society would be able to control the government, in cases such as having a religious leader to be in charge of the government. In other situation such as the government passing laws to limit the religious belief of the people would cause the people to migrate. Examples could be find through out history.

In the Meiji Period of the Japanese history, Emperor Meiji has made reforms that affect the later history of Japan. Under Emperor Meiji’s rule, he was determine to modernize the county, and allow the western influence to mix in. As a result, many Japanese was sent oversea to different western nations and learn about the western culture to spread in Japan. Such decisions was made during the imperial time for Japan to survive, to not be imperialize by the western nations. Japan would have to become one of them.

The French Revolution brought major changes to France, a special period of the French Revolution was the Reign of Terror. Big changes occur in the type of government, it was no longer monarchy after the king was dead. Robespierre lead a group and took over the government in hope of strengthen the newly born country. With Robespierre in charge, people was arrested without warrant, and kill without trial. Robespierre’s reason for doing so was his suspicion of people’s loyalty to the country.

The purposes of both of these reforms above were to improve the condition of their countries, however, it results in two different outcomes. Under Emperor Meiji’s reforms, Japan was able to escape the fate of being imperialize by adopting the western ideas. The majority of Japanese was influence by the reforms, their daily life contains more of an western style than the traditions. Meanwhile, French suffer from fear everyday under the lead of Robespierre, they have no privacy. There wasn’t much freedom even among their own people, French make every move carefully in fear of being accuse of crimes with no evidence.

There are reforms made in many parts of the past history. The goal for the reforms were all the same, it is for the hope of changes that the reforms would bring. Usually one would hope for an improvement after the reform, but sometime things doesn’t goes as wished, such as France under Robespierre. However, most revolutions did reach their goal such as Japan under Emperor Meiji’s rule.