Pacific Crossing Getting Closer to the End

Jan 22, 2009
by: ctai

Recently I read pages 117-124 in Pacific Crossing, by Gary Soto and I liked it because Lincoln is going to promote to the next level belt and I think his sensei and his friends are happy for him and it should put a smile on their faces to see him graduation and Lincoln should be proud of himself as well. Lincoln is nervous that he is going to graduate and to move on and I would be nervous too, but there is nothing to be nervous about.

One line from this part of the book that stands out for me is: " It feels better after a quick shower." I think this is important because I think showers do make you feel better and I think that it makes your mind really open minded and you wouldnt think about the bad stuff that is going on, but the good stuff that is going to happen. Showering is refreshing and I think it clears your mind of everything you are thinking about. When there is a lot on my mind I go take a shower.

Another line that I enjoyed was: " Lets go for a walk". This stood out for me because I love walking. I think walking is very important and everyone should do it. I always walk everyday and I love walking and I never get tired of it. I walk as long as possible and as far as possible and I wont get tired at all. I think walking is a good excercises and it gets your blood moving and everything. Everyone should walk everyday and they should be lazy at all because I think walking makes a person healthier and it helps them to think a lot faster and everything because it is a really good excerscise if you walk for a long time.

This section of Pacifc Crossing reminds me of something that happened to me. One time I was nervous to graduate from judo and I was really scared, but I think I shouldnt be and I should be happy instead because I am moving up to the next belt. Everyone was happy because I graduated and they were proud at me as well as my sensei. I couldnt stop the smile from my face because I was just really in joy that I was graduating after so much hard work and I moved up to this level.

What's probably going to happen next is I think Lincoln would be fighting other boys that are the same level as them and I think Lincoln is better than everyone else because he has been practicing really hard to suceed and everything and I think his learning comes to play and how he does new moves and new techniques. After the tournament there in Japan I think Lincoln returns home and I think he is happy to be home and finally getting to see his parents.

I am looking foward to reading the rest of the book because I am about to read the last chapter of this book and then I am going to be finished with this whole book and I want to find out what happens in the last chapter of this book and see what is going on and if Lincoln does become a master of not.


I really like your essay,

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Submitted by bzhu on Sun, 2009-04-19 22:34.

I really like your essay, "Pacific Crossing," because its really enjoyable to read. I had never read the book your reading. It seen really interesting the way you describe it. You gave details of the book which got me interested most.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "I don't want your host family to think you're a low class chango." I think this is very disappointing because its really messed up. The mother should care about her child. She seem to be a shame of having a child like that. Well i know there's a lot of parents are like this. just can't change the fact.

Another sentence that I like was: "Somebody said what up "nigga"(not trying to be racist. Sorry if I have offended any one.) My dad called me that too but he asked me what that meant." This stood out for me because i think this is funny. Your dad doesn't know what it mean and said it to you. Your dad seem like a funny person. My parents doesn't even know how to say or nor know what it means.

Your essay reminds me of something that happened to me. One time when I was in Mathatten, this drunk guy came up to my friend and out of nowhere he called my friend a niggar. She was pissed about it and was so close to start a fight. But luckly i stopped her before we get even more trouble.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i liked how you write. You made me think of other things that had happen in my life time. An old time memoirs.

I think your response is

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I think your response is really good. After reading your response to the book I realized I would actually like to read this book. I felt that I can relate to this book and it seems you can as well. I feel that the details and connections you made were really interesting. Like you I love to take walks and that reminded me of when I did and how after my class I went to take a walk and it helped me with karate. Thanks for writing about this book because I really want to read it.
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This book sounds

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This book sounds interesting, although I'm a bit confused on the characters maybe next time you could provide a small background on each character. Hope I'm not asking for much . I'll go check this book out as soon as possible to read it.

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