part 3

May 8, 2009

    I am still thinking on what to do for my personal project, I want to build something. Maybe a robot. I don't know what kind of robot I want to make, and in truth I do not know how to even make a robot. I wonder how somebody learns how to make a robot. More importantly, I have to make something that would benifit the community since that is how the project works. I am also thinking about time manigment, a key part to this project, I don't want to procrastinate like I am doing now. I will look on the internet to find some ideas and how tos, it would be nice if I knew someone who could teach me how to build robots.

    One robot I would like to make is a flying robot that would provide wi-fi in disaster areas.
"A VIA Arena news release clued us in to research being done by Professor Andreas Mitschele at the Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany. Researchers at the Mobile Communications Lab there have developed flying quadrocopter robots equipped with GPS, a VIA Pico-ITX, and radio hardware for WiFi and mobile phone networking. The robots are dropped off at a disaster area, take off, create a self-organizing mesh network, and locate landing spots to afford maximum coverage. The prototype robot has only a 20 minute flying time but can power the communications gear much longer after landing. For more see the research poster on Self-org (PDF format). There's also video of the Quadrocopter robot in action (MP4 format)."
    This is one of my options for my personal project because I enjoy finding more reasons of how technology helps society, even if I don't understand parts of the quote. Some of the questions that what is VIA Pico-ItX? I hope I am able to do this.

    As I am trying to learn more about robots and the benifits it has to society, While I was searching for some article I found one that talks about a very interesting robot. This article peaked my interest because of how it can be used for everyday life and it looks preaty cool. I also liked the controling mechanism is cool, using the internet, they can control the robot from 5 feet away or 5,000 miles. That is cool.

    In my search for pictures on robots I have found a very interesting picture .
This picture shows 2 robots that are making another robot. I am guessing this shows the potional of robots in the future. This also brings up the origional fear of the fact that people will be destroyed by robots, I beleive this is impossible  how can humans be destroyed by something they created, and I also believe the computer is only as smart as the person using it.