Pay Attention to Us!

Nov 2, 2008
by: XLiu

Difference between kids and adults is that one has the knowledge to determine what's right and one doesn't. So what happens when the younger ones have their opinions on the election? They're ignore us usually because we don't have the right to vote. The candidate usually don't bother using their time on the kids. Some candidates think that kids do not understand the world issues. But the truth is sometimes kids can see through things more clear than adults. Although kids can't votes, they could help.
In the past years many young adults have voted in the elections, and the number are increasing. Due to the widespread use of technology, the Internet is required for different reasons. Sites are viewed by countless users everyday, a large amount of them are young adults. With all the event going on about the election, it would encourage the users to do something about it, voting. The population of youths is  large. We can, if we want to, turn the winning candidate upside down by voting. It would benefit Obama most since 50 percent of us vote for Democrats.

Usually people look for others that have common things with them. It's the same with the young adults. As a young father Barack Obama understands the thoughts of young people. All he has to do is show us that he does not ignore our age group, and votes will come toward him automatically. However, Obama has to put effort into the right things, and let us know that he is worth trusting.

Last but not least, the kid. Anyone under 18 are considered kids. Obama should come up with plans that benefit us. We'll thank him and be on his side for the election. Kid's support of candidates usually effects their parents' decisions of who to vote for. As young father, I believe Obama knows the effects of kids.

As you can see, anyone could make change to the election, every single vote is important (which Obama knew already). It is hard to earn the trust of the citizens, but with all the effort Obama puts into it, I believe his day will come soon. As the future leader of U.S., Obama talks kids into what's right, and does not trick them into what's wrong, which would never happen, right?



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Submitted by 12calinn on Thu, 2008-11-20 09:57.

In politics, there are rarely debates during the election process directed towards non-voters. I agree that they do discuss issues that have to do with us, such as education, but that really isn't of interest to us. This election was probably a changing point because Obama did a lot of his campaigning through Facebook that most "kids" use. I know a lot of people who were extremely involved in this election, writing articles for our newspaper, talking to others, watching the debates on tv without being bored. So, in a way I think we were involved. Some of us convinced our parents on who to vote for, or others who were able to vote. When you said that if kids were allowed to vote we could completely change the vote around, I thought it was extremely true. However, I agree that the voting age should be put as a set age. Perhaps the age could be lowered, but not too much. There is a certain level of maturity for people to be taken serious by adults that you should have, so I think that many feel 18 is a reasonable age to have your opinion taken seriously.