The Peace Corps and Other Volunteer Agencies

Apr 13, 2016
Pope Francis as a symbol of peace

Through my researching of the efficacy of the Peace Corps in the modern day, I turned to Gale Resources and was able to find a story about the Let Girls Learn campaign in Ghana, which happens to benefit from the organization. The Peace Corps happens to work closely with IBM- International Business Machines- which was the twelfth group since 2010 to provide assistance to Ghana as part of its Corporate Service Corps that provides problem-solving support from its top employees to educational institutions, small businesses, non-governmental organizations, and governmental agencies in emerging markets
For many aspects of this project, IBM collaborated with Peace Corps volunteers to support Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn program in Ghana. Launched by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2015, Let Girls Learn is a U.S. government effort that aims to address the range of challenges preventing 62 million adolescent girls from attending and completing school, as well as from realizing their full potential as adults. The Peace Corps is very active in the endeavor, as they are
working with their communities on projects in agriculture, education, and health and during their service in Ghana, they learn to speak local languages. For example; Dagaare, Dagbani, Ghanaian Sign Language, Gurune, Likpakpaln, Mampuli, and Twi.