Peak weekly response

Jun 6, 2013
by: 17mahi

" 'To climb, Peak, you have to be completely selfish.' " (Pg. 197).

When Peak had been taken into custody for scaling skyscrapers, his father, a famous mountain climber, had taken him in to avoid the press. Peak thought that he would have to lie low for a while until his father's true intention of his action: he wanted Peak to climb to the top of Everest to be the youngest climber ever to do so. Then his father's climbing company would be saved from bankruptcy. I thought that this quote is significant because it was a message Peak's mother told Peak when she found out that he was scaling Mt. Everest. She told him that when climbing, only when you think about yourself is when you will be successful. This was also a turning point when Peak had undergone a slight character development by thinking about what his Mother (a former climber) had said to him.