Pen Spinning Passion

Mar 23, 2010
by: Jmo

Recently i meet up with a fellow NYC Spinner "Jc" and to be honest he was a lot nicer than i thought he would be and he was very happy to hear that i was another spinner located in the NYC region and when i asked to attend the next NYC Spinners Gathering, he was thrilled to hear that i knew about it and was very enthusiastic about signing me up however now that i think about it these people that i will be meeting have been spinning for well over 2 years, iv been spinning for a little over 3 months, the time comparison for mastering tricks is ridiculous but i hope my ability to learn quickly will allow me to prove myself as a dedicated spinner.

Learning pen spinning alone is suppose to be much harder than learning from someone who has previous experience and i believe that to be true because i at first learned just form watching someone do a trick and i attempted to copy it for months and for 2 years i ended up just doing the basic trick "thumbaround and sonic" and at the stat of 11th grade i had a classmate who did what i thought to be back then "professional" spinning and the way he taught me back then was he would show me the trick very rapidly and say" ca n you do this justin?" and me would repeatedly do the trick over and over again while i watched and thats how i first started to pen spin a bit more "pinky sonic, inverted sonic, backaround, fingerpass, bootleg double charge aka rapid back and forth pass" and towards the end of december 2009 i finally got my first professional modified pen which was the Buster CYL, and 2 Dr Kt white/black which i found to my shock later on that those 2 pens where some of the heaviest mod's out on the market, which made me think everything had to be insanely light due to me spinning a heavy metal rod beforehand, the 3 pens felt light to me.

Nowadays i spin a Minwoo mod Inspired by Minwoo of GPC(German pen-spinning community) but Minwoo is Korean(lols) iv been spinning for about 3 months now and in any normal pen spinner's standards i am good for someone who has been spinning for such a short amount of time, but the reason for that being possible is because of my ability to learn fast and my dedication towards practice. Very often i hear people as king me how the hell do i do the tricks i do and i always tell them practice, and so far no one every believes me,however if you think about everything you do required some training and some dedication like learning a sport maybe you were naturally good at it in the beginning which is why you started but you needed some extra  training to refine the skills you have, Another example is learning how to play a musical instrument, lot of practice and dedication is required before you can think of making beautiful music.

Just some background information i spin well over 8 hours a day and during a school day i tend to spin well over 14 hours throughout the entire day and there are times i dedicate a entire day to nothing but spinning because its a passion to do pen spinning and its dedication to get better and prove that anyone can do this because when i was younger i was about as coordinated as blind person trying to drive through a maze without hands so i was bad, so if you think you can do it because of lack of hand to eye coordination or because its to hard all i have to say is "No It Isn't" and for all the spinners out there who do it only because it looks "cool" or its something to do when i have nothing else to do then go od luck ever being good enough to keep you satisfied

Below is a row of pictures that show the type of pen's i use and a video demonstrating some of the tricks i can do.


Minwoo mod-handmade-current main spinning pen


Clear Body Kt - Handmade


Buster CYL-Store Made

Chrome Commsa-Store Made

Black Kt-Store Made

White Kt-Store Made

Seven Mod-Handmade

FireFly G3-Handmade Green Butterfly Insert

Pink/Orange Zt Mod-Handmade

Firefly G3-Handmade-Rainbow insert

Ayatori Mod-handmade