People do stupid things

May 13, 2009
by: ctai
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So many people lost their loved ones:

`A lot of people do drugs and that they are hurting a lot of their loved ones and they are. A lot of people are hurt because they are losing the ones that they love due to drug abuse. A lot of people are losing a lot of their loved ones and it really hurts knowing that you lost someone really close to you. Also she is saying how she wants to give that person a hug and everything and let him know that everything is okay. Maybe that guy has some disease and she is telling him and supporting him and being there for him all the time, but she knows that he is soon to be gone and now she is saying how it breaks her heart into a million pieces because of the many friends she have lost.
  One quote that stood out for me was:"Drug addiction is becoming a big problem in high schools, and it mostly involves prescription drugs. A conference at Bellows Free Academy in Saint Albans shows how one school is dealing with it." I agree with this quote. Drug addiction has been a really huge problem in high schools and teens have been doing drugs, just because they think that it is cool or that since their friends are doing it that they should do it too. Most of these involve prescription drugs and that is not good for you either. It is just like the regular normal drugs and it can kill your body really easily. These are like pills and taking too much pills are not good for you and a lot of teens know that but they are still doing it anyways. All these people want to commit suicide so they start taking overdose of pills and I think that they are crazy. I dont even know why they are doing this.
    Another quote that stood out for me is: "Los Angeles Dodgers’ slugger Manny Ramirez, who is eccentric and endearing on and off the field, was suspended for 50 games for using a banned performance enhancing drug. Ramirez has said he did use a drug with a banned substance that was prescribed by a doctor for a “personal health reason.” I can not believe that Manny Ramirez did this. It is really unexpected that he would do this, but I know that a lot of people in baseball have been taking steroids. He has been suspended for 50 games and that is a really long time for him using enhancing drugs. Why would they do that? Are they trying to destroy and ruin their own career? He said he used it for a personal health reason and that is not true. I think that he is lying and he knows better that drugs is not good for him and that he can be suspended for as many games as they want to suspend him for.
People suspended for using drugs:
     People need to understand their are consequences for using drugs!!

    So many athletes are suspended for drug abuse problems and people need to learn when to stop using drugs. People never learn what they are doing and when they are back from their suspension they do it again and again. They will never learn and so many people have been going to rehab for all of these drug abuse. We need to teach this people to stop using drugs because it is really bad for you and they need to know that it destroys their body.

Moderately Confused

    I think this comic was really interesting because here you can see in the picture that the cartoon character which is health is using drugs which is steroids and it is really bad for you because it destroys your body and doctors are the one that are giving people these drugs and mainly we need to stop all this because everything that we do we see people doing drugs everywhere. People commit murder and child abuse and do stupid things.

I can not believe that people are really committing child abuse and committing murder as well. I do not know why people kill others for no reason at all. Child abuse is a really bad thing and many parents are doing this and it is just not right and also it says here that someone murdered a 37 year old boyfriend and stuff and I cant believe that this is happening. People need to learn how to control themselves.