Perfect Escape By: Jennifer Brown

Mar 22, 2013

"For three years he'd been scrabbling at the sides of that hole - sometimes coming oh-so-close to getting out - but he always fell back in. It was like watching someone you love be buried alive. (pg 33)

In this quote Kendra is talking about the troubles that her brother (Grayson) has to face everyday. Since her brother has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)he has a very hard time focusing on little everyday things. The things that we don't even think about doing, are a challenge to people like Grayson. People with OCD have many different ways to calm themselves, Grayson's way to soothe himself is to go to the Quarry and count all the rocks. Grayson is very informative about rocks, and enjoys talking about them. His sister, Kendra always feels like she is overshadowed by her brother. And sometimes she is because her brother gets more attention from his parents due to his condition. But Kendra will always love her brother no matter what comes in their way. I really think that this quote is significant because it sort of shows the relationship between Kendra and Grayson. Grayson always tried his best to be normal and avoid any troubles, but he always finds a way to fall in to the hole. Grayson has a very hard time coping with his lifestyle, but his family always did and always will support him in any way.