Permanent Tattoos

Mar 28, 2015
by: MJames

There are many different types of body art. These most common fashion trends of a body art are permanent tattoos, body painting, body piercing, and scarring. Permanent tatoos.

When I hear of permanent tattoos, I think of gangs or sport athletes. According to HealthDab Permanent Tattoos, it claims permanent tattoos are a fashion trend toward the young people. It states, “It [Tattoos] has achieved special popularity in the global teen community.” As permanent tattoos seem popular, how are tattoo made and what tools do tattoo artist use to do tattoo on an individual?

Permanent tattoos are made by tattoo ink. In tattoo inks, there are pigments that tattoo artist inject with. The tattoo artist injects the pigment into the skin between the permanent bottom layer and the surface with the help of a bunch of small needles. The HealthDab states, “The procedure of tattooing is very painful, and there are many who need local anesthesia on the tattooing couch before starting this body art procedure.” So then the tattoo artist won’t ruin the individual’s tattoos and impair its skin.

While tattoo artist do tattoos to individuals, why do people get tattoos? People get tattoos because from Jodie Michalak’s article, Reason Why People Get Tattoos, it states five reasons. They are people want to identify themselves, honor their love ones, express their styles, affiliate themselves with one another, and sell their bodies for profits.