Persecution of Religion, Poverty, War, and Natural Disasters Affecting Education

Nov 18, 2009

-Why are third world countries that are suffering from persecution of religion, war, poverty, and natural disasters allowing these factors affect education there?

-In the world, there are many countries going through one of these factors above that are affecting their education system, but why would they want to allow these things to affect it? What people in the countries that are facing these situations should do is pay more attention to there education system to provide children with a better understanding of what's happening so that they can help fix these issues when they are older. What people in third world countries don't realize is that when dealing with poverty, a stronger education system would build a brighter future for children, so that they can make the future better than what is now. Countries like Afghanistan are suffering from persecution of religion which is causing them to have schools that only do religious studies and a rare amount of  schools with academics. What I don't understand is about why they would choose to do just religious studies instead of academics, when academics helps the students in the future. Even though religious studies seem mandatory there, they should do religious studies and academics. War is also affecting several countries' education system. In Afghanistan, there are abandoned and destroyed schools. Some people don't allow their children to go to school because of danger. Mostly schools in Afghanistan are outside. In Pakistan, there is a majority of "ghost schools." Natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. are also affecting the amount of schools and the number of students that go there. Not only that, but, these natural disasters are also creating poverty. In Bangladesh, where there is an abundancy of rivers that cause dangerous floods during the monsoon season that sometimes destroys schools there. What should be done is have scientists predict when these natural disasters are going to happen there and have something to protect these places instead of just allowing these natural disasters to just come and destroy everything. What is also needed in these third world countries is help with all this trouble that's going around there and a strong persuasion that there might be a better future with almost all of the students studying in school and trying to make the world a better place.