Personal Inquiry

Mar 18, 2016
by: AEB_19

I appreciate how she's explaining how culture shapes our society.
What does she do in her culture and why it’s important to her.
How other people's culture shape their life.

What is culture? People usually say that culture is what you believe in, who you pray to, or if you pray to anything at all. But culture is so much more than that. Culture isn’t just your religion but it’s what you do in your life. Culture molds or daily life into what they are. If culture is what people say it is then they are not seeing the big part of culture.
I say all this because culture is everyday life. Culture is what you eat, it’s your job, your family, and many other things around you in your whole life. People should view culture like this more often. If people did this they would realize and then I think be more happy.