Personal Inquiry: Culture

Mar 21, 2016
by: Katie J.

Often times you might have been asked the age old question, "What is culture?". We all have come up with very similar answers; that culture is the common religion, clothes, attitude, food, music, etc of a group of people. However, is that really all there is to culture? We haven’t seemed to be able to dig deep enough within this topic. Little did we know, culture has several other aspects to it. Culture is not black and white, it contains colors from every spectrum, swallowing you in the swirls of color it possesses. It expresses our soul individuality and the person we are from within. Culture is something that will continue to live in us until the day we all leave this earth. It connects us in every way possible, leaving us all linked and bonded to each other. Culture cannot be avoided, it is an inevitable tidal wave that knocks you down and pulls you in. You yourself can create a culture, it is a blank canvas just for you to paint on. Is this what you make of culture? As you can see, there is much more to it than the typical response. I took the question of culture Into the light and saw what other meanings and representations it had. What can you say about culture when you explore the different meanings, messages, definitions, and symbolisms?