Personal Inquiry: People's honest opinion of Americans

Mar 15, 2016
by: MarenH2

Something that I have been interested in learning more about as we have digged into the depth of our culture has been the how other countries view Americans and what they associate our culture with. I never really thought about it until my Italian host family mentioned something that made me stop. I know that many people feel that America is very impressive and or powerful but, there comment made me more curious about the truth. From what I have heard, other countries citizens do not always think of us the same way. My Italian Host Family thought of Americans as fat, or with a larger build. They were surprised when they met me and my travel companions because we did not fit the build they expected.

After further investigation I confirmed that Americans are often viewed negatively. I've studied my share of other cultures, and I have come to the conclusion that we are most often judged for being anything relating to lazy. I just find it unfortunate that other cultures assume we are all that way when it is a select few. Seeing that I didn't have a lot of background information on other cultures opinions I did more research and I discovered that my suspicions were much worse than I thought.

Most people from any country in the world hear the word american and think of fat, lazy, aggressive patriots who know nothing of the world around them. All of this makes me think that our country's image is not a problem that I have been imagining. We are judged for our casual and rude behavior. This problem is not going to change if we stand by and do nothing. The good thing is, our public image is not completely tarnished.

In my research I did notice that struggling people still view our country as the land of the rich and success. We are a place of “Freedom”. I think we should work to bring back this image and lose that which makes others scorn at traveling Americans or giggle behind our backs. I want to prove that the U.S.A. is not a joke, and not a place only for only obese and uneducated, but a country with many intelligent people who are the equals of other countries citizens.


Fat and Lazy?

Submitted by fcastaneda on Tue, 2016-03-22 13:36.

I am happy with your essay “Personal Inquiry: People's honest opinion of Americans," because you put a lot of details in your essay of people honest opinion of Americans.

One sentence you wrote that stand out for me is: “Most people from any country in the world hear the word america and think fat, lazy." I think this is mean because why would you call Americans lazy and fat, there are skinny people in America like me.

Another sentence that I loved was: “All of this makes me think that our country image is not a problem that I have been imagining.” This stood out for me because when I was learning about america in 5th grade and while I was reading about america I was imagining what I would be like to if america was cool.

Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I think that your essay is really important about people in america and what they said.