Personal Inquiry Reflection

Mar 15, 2016

I did find something interesting about our culture collage project. In the whole procedure from composition to presentation to others to the review I saw the difference between different cultures from each country and even the diversity in the culture from the same country and I found that interesting. I didn’t actually saw the different branches in the same american culture most people are talking about, but after I viewed some of them I realized that point. Everyone has a different and special viewpoint about their own culture and the large culture that we’re all in.
I was analyzing those different topics and I knew that everyone, by their own focus point and interests in their own life, will have different points presents on their presentations. For example, someone who likes eat a lot may talk more about food than a computer guy.
As I read their explanations on the projects I could see more clearly about the variety between. It’s interesting how they explain them to us on the base of what they’re talking about. Also, the way of presentation: pictures, words, even their way to stack them together, could also reflects their way to see the same world as we see.


I also think that each person

Submitted by adi_kandula on Tue, 2016-03-15 11:51.

I also think that each person has a different viewpoints on their culture, but many people have the same viewpoints on other cultures.