Personal Project

Apr 7, 2009
by: 12bligens
Career goals

Green Day has long been one of the more politically opinionated bands in rock music. Their 2004 album American Idiot is their most poltical album to date. They are notorious for their extremely opinonated lyrics. Just by listening to their music you get a pretty good picture of where they stand when it comes to politics and polticians. They were not the biggest fans of Bush, but they try to tell people that Obama is not going to be their panacea. People both love them and hate them for their opinons,  but in a true rock star fashion, they don't really care what people think. I think that's what makes their music so good. They write how they feel and what THEY want to write, not what the record company wants them to write, so you know that their music is real and not cookie cutter like some other bands. They've been out for 20 years and are still going strong.