Personal Project 5

Mar 15, 2009
by: 12afsharm

For my personal project, I am going to make a very expensive technology out of only a hundred dollar budget. The Area of Interaction that I chose was Homo Faber. I wanted to know, essentially, how do we create cheap technology? Does it come from other Information Technology devices, or from something else? And what are the negative and positive aspects of creating cheap technology? One way for me to get the answer to these questions is by checking the engineering records of some top engineers in relation to their use of IT devices. I can also try out some of my own ways of dealing with technology, such as creating, improving, and then recreating. 


hey that sounds like

Submitted by 12tokacb on Tue, 2009-03-17 21:45.

hey that sounds like something a normal 15 year old would joking but that would be pretty amazing. It would be a revolutionary change for modern day technology. I also use homo faber for my personal project but in a different way.
here are some questions i want to ask is; what will this technology be and what will it do? By expensive technology do you mean stuff like jet engines or phones. If so will $100 be enough?

i am using the same area of

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Submitted by 12chelpons on Thu, 2009-03-19 19:27.

i am using the same area of interaction. we are doing something similar because we both are trying to create something inspired by something else, but on a budget. i also have the same question as 12tokacb. what types of technologies will you be recreating?