Personal Project part 5

Mar 12, 2009

For our personal project we have to choose a topic of our choice and do whatever we want with it. I have chosen to create an outfit inspiered by a designer. I have chosen the Area of Interaction "homo faber" which is about human creativity and inventions. My question is "who are some influential fashion designers to learn from". I will probably try to mimick it, and learn from thier design style. Also, id have to practice the actual sewing and creation of it, wich will take some time. I can probably learn that from research or some how-to books.


i have the same area of

Submitted by 12afsharm on Sat, 2009-03-28 22:32.

i have the same area of interaction thing, and so i had a few suggestions about your pp topic; why don't you, instead of learning how to sew, take a tour of some fashion place, and ask the experts about it, you can use that as a source when your doing your pp?!