Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos

Mar 19, 2012
by: A-Fratto

As an avid fan of the Denver Broncos, I was surprised and excited that out of all the NFL teams, Peyton Manning has chosen Denver to negotiate a deal with to start as quarterback next season. Although Manning sat out this season for the Indianapolis Colts due to three neck surgeries and ultimately was let go he brings to Denver both skill and experience.

Possibly the biggest task that Manning will run into is Tim Tebow, the Broncos current starting quarterback who lead them to a 8-8 season and a run in the playoffs. While Tebow is a great player, he’s a gamble. His passing is questionable and he seems to only pull it together in the fourth quarter.

Hopefully Tebow will be smart enough to stay and learn from and train with Manning to gain knowledge and new skills. He will most likely be given Manning's starting position in the next few years if Manning retires, or not (i.e. he pulls a Brett Favre), or can sign on with a new team in the future as a better quarterback and overall player.

Yet for now Manning should focus on bringing the Broncos even higher than last year. The Broncos can support Manning on the field with the No.1 ranked rushing attack and a great defensive line. And as long as Manning remains healthy and retains his skill I can’t wait to see what he brings to the Broncos this season.