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Jan 23, 2009

I am writing this paper for my portfolio and it is about a philosophy. I have to write about it and talk about how people use it in life. I also have to talk about if I’ve had any experience with it. I’m trying to brainstorm ideas, but I’m having trouble figuring out what else to write about so far I have this little beginning. Please give me any ideas I can write about on this topic. Any comments are welcomed and let me know if I have a good start.

      “Winning a fight by giving in” is a philosophy I have learned about and thought about. The meaning of the philosophy is advancing upon them without going forward; seize their property without bearing arms; attack where there is no enemy; prevail upon them with no weapons. It has made me wonder if any where in the world has experienced with this philosophy.



winning by giveing in

Submitted by sthomar072 on Fri, 2009-01-30 10:51.


I think that winning by giving in is a coward’s way of fighting. Waiting for someone to come along on accomplish your goals for you.



Submitted by shiatth816 on Fri, 2009-01-30 10:57.

I think that that's stupid because if someone wrongs you, you should teach them a lesson.

My philosophy is: "Revenge is sweet."

I like that because if someone makes me mad, I'll fix it so they learn to stay away.

People shouldn't run away from people who make them mad, they should stand up for themselves.

Since I am a hude proponent

Submitted by jsmith on Wed, 2009-12-16 19:57.

Since I am a hude proponent as well as student of philosophy, I have a wide range of ideas that i think might be appealing. First of all, i am sure you know that anybody can muster up an abundant mass of philosophical thoughts because all it stems from experience and the way each individual sees the world. There is no right or wrong answer for any type of philosophy, it is all just opinion and it is constanly being revised with new insights and new rules or ediquette. There is one branch of philosophy that I come up with my oen opinions for and it is called existentialism. Incase this is a neo-word for you, it,s just philosophy trying to describe how we should live our lives and why we belong here or where we came from as well as description of actins,emotions etc. It is really a humastic part of philosophy and i find it one of the most important areas. This is a topic that I am sure you can opine for because you have lived a long time,all you have to do is figure out how you and the other people live according to everybody else,what is that spiritual or metaphysical chain that connects yo to everyone else.

To talk about your second paragraph, i never considered that to be philosophy but yes, there are people who "fight without fighting" like gahndi for example. He waged a peaceful resistance or atleast tried to against the english regime that were in india at that time.  If this is indeed a high order thought then it can be enourmously extended to discuss the circumstances,feeling,emotions and actions etc under which we use it. All you would have to do is pay closer attention to people when they do fight, how do they act...what do they say and then it will be  facile to fgure out what they would have to do to not fight or physically/literally war with anyone. Thank you for your post, ii am definitely looking forward to more of what you write.