May 16, 2012
by: rodzul

As I began to ponder on what my research topic should be, I found myself really interested in learning about phobias. This topic really caught my attention because I think I personally have a phobia myself but I also have many fears as well, which aren’t as serious. But I think not all “Phobias” are precisely real, some might just be made up. It makes me wonder whether or not “Phobias” are actually real or not. I’m already aware that phobias and fears are completely different. Everyone has fears, but not everyone has phobias. Phobias are irrational dreads people have toward objects, activities, or situations, causing a person to constantly try and avoid it, while fears are just aversions people have. As I continue researching I hope to find out where the idea of “Phobias” originally came from and find out the most common phobias. I’d also like to know why people have phobias, the causes behind it. it’s an interesting topic.

I've come across some very interesting facts. As I was researching I read an article that said phobias affect 28 out of every 100 people. Although there isn’t an exact cause for people to have phobias, people think phobias run in families, are caused by past experiences, or are triggered by situations or strong emotions. I’ve also read that many people who have phobias also have another problem such as anxiety disorders, depression, or even substance abuse. Although I’ve answered some of my questions I still hope to find out whether or not all phobias are true and hope to find out much more information.

This process was interesting. I’ve learned so much about my topic on phobias. But although I enjoyed researching information on this topic, I faced some challenges. Coming up with a good thesis statement was quite difficult for me. Once I complete my work I hope to answer all the questions I have and hope to better understand the process of doing a well research for my next topic.


Solid start!

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Submitted by aboulhosn on Tue, 2012-05-29 12:49.

You seem to be off to a great start with this paper! It really is a lot of work to put together so much information, but I know you'll make it happen and find some pretty great satisfaction at the end of the process.

I'm so interested to read more about phobias! I'm surprised to read that they affect almost 30% of the population! I would have thought they would be more rare than that.

Great start!