Physical Features or Environment, do they affect schools or not?

Nov 18, 2009
by: 14BarrosF

I have been studying countries for technology lately, and I am wondering if where the schools are located affects if they are poor or not. I personally think that the locations of schools affect if they are poor or not. The reason for it is, that I have researched schools in Ecuador, and I find that schools that are located in the city turn out better than schools that are located in sort of farm places. But this makes me wonder what makes schools located in the city places better than the ones that are located in farm places, could it be that more people have more jobs at the city places than people that live in poor farm places? Which means that the issue also has to do with money too. I mean, I researched Ecuadorian schools, and I find that the poor places, or schools that are bad turn out to be located in places that not a lot of money gets around. In these places there are many poor people and people that do not have manners, and are very dirty.  I really find interesting that schools that are poor do not get that much parent support either. And I know this because it shows that no parents really participate when a school is  really poor and does not have enough money to stay open. Parents must not participate because they are poor and that is why they live in a poor area and that is why they have children attending poor schools. 

Sometimes governors don't want the people in the world to realize that they have poor schools and so they hide it and they don't say a word about it. They might take actions privately but they do not really make a lot of people notice, the only people that really know about this are the people that are attending the school and the people that have learned about this social issue. Poverty is stricking many schools in Ecuador too, and that is why many schools are poor and not that many kids are in a class. So that is why people living in very poor places have very poor education.

I now think that schools really get affected by where they are located. I am saying this because I know this lady who told me that she went to a school in the city part of Cuenca, a city school, and she got a very good education, but she knew people who went to school in the mountains, and they were doing very bad in school, because their schools was very bad, and they were poor. I think that this is a big issue, because not only does a place affect how poor or rich a school is but students also affect how a school is, I mean, if students are very bad, and take everything the school has like paper, crayons, tables, and draw on them or vandalize, then the school is bad because it does not have students who cooperate and so it becomes poor. I know this may not make sense, but schools become poor very easily because of their students. This also helps people understand how the environment affects the goodness of schools too, because if a school is located in a very good rich place, with good people and students then of course it will be a very good school, but if it located in a very poor, bad, and very dangerous environment, then no wonder it might be bad. So basically I wonder if a place's environment or location affects the way a school is. 


Your piece of writing was

Submitted by 14ChengA on Fri, 2009-11-20 14:47.

Your piece of writing was pretty good. There is a lot of effeort that is shown in this excellent piece.

Yes. I agree with Anh-Do.

Submitted by 14ZhangK on Fri, 2009-11-20 21:13.

Yes. I agree with Anh-Do. One correction: It doesnt depend on the location, it depends on the enviornment. Other than that, the piece was excellent.

I find your piece eloquently

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I find your piece eloquently written. I believe that the way that people view their education really depends on one's effects. Thus, clarifying this point, I believe you should expand a little more on governmental evaluation. Their opinon is validated, and since it is from the government, they can affect the way people think, their acts are now justified. I noticed one trend. I see that people being indegneous, or the slang term you use, "people from the mountains, are a little more towards being educationally, "valid". An expression that you used as well is  very good to incorporate repetition, and help get your point accross. I think that, being such, your piece shows effort, and validity. I think that you could use more evidence on each point of view that you use. Your argument is well-fundamented. Quite indeed, you should use more information. Great job!  

Very good! i like the way

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Submitted by 14GajdaR on Mon, 2009-11-23 22:11.

Very good! i like the way you stay on the point and add on with great detail. i also liked the way you presented different the arguments and different examples to what you are trying to tell people. All in all, i really like your piece and your presentation.