Physician Assisted Suicide

Apr 20, 2016
by: jyenj

Physician assisted suicide. Where to draw the line? Which method is humane? Is any method humane at all? What is the government’s role in regulation? What is a doctor’s duty in all of this? What is the role of the family in this decision? What is the process necessary to make this decision? What information must be presented to the patient? What methods are available? How do we define it?

There are many questions to consider in beginning this debate. Some feel like in doing so, we are “playing God” and others believe that we are simply putting people out of misery. Each begs further questions. If physician assisted suicide is considered “playing God” then isn’t surgery as well? How far can we go without “playing God” in medicine? And if we’re simply putting people out of misery. What is the definition of misery? Who gets to decide if the patient is in misery?

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Submitted by eric_yu2001 on Wed, 2016-04-27 22:28.

Physician Assisted Suicide is a very difficult subject to talk about, because it isn't the brightest one in the world. As it is very complicated, a number of pieces of evidence needs to be collected to perform Physician-Assisted Suicide. Now, while a person is slowly fading away, Physician Assisted Suicide ( UGH I don't want to say this :( ) makes it easier for the hospital, as it can open up more space for other patients. However, due to the fact that the person is slowly dying, it is hard to communicate with them, as their brain is having some problems. They might have relatives coming over, and a physician might thinks that the patient wants to commit suicide. However, through many points of opinions, I believe that PAS should be allowed, only under heavy circumstances.