Picture of Dorian Grey a Review

Mar 7, 2011
by: SBrimhall

This play written by Oscar Wilde is about a young english noble who alough starting out young and innocent harkens to the voice of sin, embodied in a character named Henry and engages in unspeakable debauchary. However because of a foolish oath uttered in youth his face in not corrupted by his acts, enstead it is his portrait hidden in a far off room which bear the weight of his sins. This is a thought provoking play indeed, because it asks the question if you knew no one would cetch you, what would you do?  Dorian starts out as a pure young man and ends with a soul as foul as the depths of hell and just as black, yet his face continues to shame addonis. Another question the play asks the reader is how much does society value beauty over morality? Dorian is continued to be loved for his face, despite the odd rumors that go around about his character. It is because of these questions and many others that the play will continue to be loved and read for many centuries to come.