Pinnochio Epistrophe

Nov 13, 2013
by: lhong

This is my best attempt in using epistrophe.
Giopetto had just returned home from cutting up some wood to make a friend for Pinnochio. As he entered the kitchen to grab a knife, he noticed the cookie jar was open. He thought "who else would take his wife's specially made cookies just for him?" Giopetto stormed out the kitchen searching for Pinnochio, only to find him in the living room using sand paper on his legs. He calmly asked Pinnochio did he eat the cookies. Pinnochio remorsefully responded no. As soon as the words left his mouth, his nose instantaneously erected from his face. It grew past the couch, it grew right through the window, and it grew right across Giopetto's face. He looked at Pinnochio with his enraged eyes then looked at the length of his nose then suddenly chopped Pinnochio's nose off with the knife he was already holding.