Pixlr Photo editor

Feb 13, 2013
by: e_peife

This is a quick review of the online photo editor, Pixlr. When editing photos I pay attention to the logistical things such as brightness, saturation, and contrast, but I also like to play around with the fun funky effects that photo editors offer. In the past I've used Piknic (when it was still on Facebook), Picmonkey, and a tiny bit of Photoshop. I noticed that Picmonkey is much more self explanatory. However, Pixlr offers different levels of editing. By this I am referring to the three different "programs", if that's the correct term. The fist, "Pixlr-o-matic (playful), is extremely simple, just messing around with silly effects. The second, Pixlr express(efficient), offers a more intermediate photo editing demographic. The third, Pixlr editor (advanced), most resembles Photoshop. I used Pixlr express to edit the photo above. I found it fun and easy to use. Depending on the desired outcome for the photos I'm editing I will continue to use Picmonkey for the faster easier photos, but will most likely use Pixlr for the more advanced photos. The different effects each photo editor offers will be considered.
The picture above is of my sister and me. I edited it so that my sister was in color and focus with the intent of letting her use it as a profile type picture, if she so chose.